Università degli studi di Macerata

The University of Macerata (UniMc) was founded in 1290 and it is one of the oldest universities in Europe. Its main activities are focused on the humanities and social sciences. Over the years thousands of UniMc graduates have become distinguished professionals, entrepreneurs, leading public figures, educators, researchers.

About 11.000 students are enrolled at UniMc, which employes around 600 staff in a variety of roles.

Students are offered a broad range of courses including undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, Ph.D. programmes and summer schools in cultural heritage, economics, philosophy, law, arts and humanities, languages, linguistic mediation, communication, education, political science and tourism.

3 postgraduate Master’s degree programmes (2-year Laurea Magistrale) and PhD programmes delivered in English are specifically designed for international students. Some of them are run together with partner Universities located in different countries and allow students to earn two or three official degrees upon the completion of the program.

Dedicated services, scholarships and tuition fees reductions are available to international students.

UniMc aims at contributing to the development of individuals and society through cutting-edge research, focused on excellence at an international level. UniMC has wide network of partners both in Europe and beyond it, all around the world.