Università degli Studi di Cagliari

The University of Cagliari (UNICA) is a public university, founded by Philip III of Spain in 1620, located in Cagliari, the capital of the Island of Sardinia, in a Mediterranean atmosphere of history and art, between the sea and parks, with a good quality of life and an almost perfect ecosystem. The city is suspended between the sky, the earth and the water; the water in Cagliari, the city of the Sun, is not only the sea. A few steps from The Long Beach of Poetto there are lagoons and natural oasis, so unique for Europe, where the elegant pink flamingos have found an ideal habitat.

The UNICA has:

– 6 multidisciplinary faculties (Biology and Pharmacy, Engineering and Architecture, Medicine, Science,
Economics, Law and Politics Studies and Humanities);

-38 three-year Bachelor’s degree courses; 38 Master’s degree courses; 5 single-cycle master’s degree courses; 14 PhD courses (9 of which are international), all with a scholarship reserved for foreigners; 39 postgraduate specialization courses; 5 double international degree courses.

– There are 25,000 students, 2000 teachers and staff, maximum fees per year: € 3000.

– The Double Degree Agreement with the Moscow State University for International Relations (MGIMO), including the International Relations course (UniCa) and the course of Study in Humanitarian Cooperation and External Relations of the Regions (MGIMO), is also active.

The University of Cagliari also participates in EDUC, a initiative joint of the University of Potsdam (Germany), University of Rennes 1, University of Paris-Nanterre (France), University of Masaryk (Czech Republic), Università degli Studi di Cagliari (Italy), University of Pécs (Hungary), which has been selected by the European Commission on 26 July, as one of the first European universities in ERASMUS.

There is a dynamic international community:

– over 990 Erasmus+ and Globus international agreements;

– over 1300 outgoing students and 500 incoming students;

– 150 visiting professors;

– 102 courses in English;

– 15 departments with international scientific research in the fields of Law, Economics and Business, Social Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Philology and Linguistics, Mathematics and Computer studies, Medical, Surgical and Biomedical Studies, Neuroscience, Physics, Chemistry, and Geology.

There is CIS (Centre for the teaching of Italian) which organizes the preparation for Italian linguistics for foreigners at A1-C2.

The 60-hour courses are organized in intensive mode in July and September and in semi-intensive mode during the course.

The International Students Mobility Office (Ismoka) sector provides foreign guests with:
* visa and residence permit assistance, accident insurance coverage and health care;
* academic tutor;
* a room in the Guest House and help in search of a house in the city and assistance;
* research of companies/laboratories for the conduct of the Enjoy Casteddu internship ;
* libraries and laboratories of excellence
* access to sports services CUS;
* services dedicated to students with disabilities;
* experiences of Buddy ESN and Tandem in collaboration with international student associations such as ESN, ISAWO , AEGEE and ELSA

Living costs in Cagliari can be estimated around € 600/month/