Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice was established in 1868 as the first business school in Italy and has since become a leading Italian research institution offering study programmes at all levels in the humanities, the languages, the economics and the sciences.

Ca’ Foscari offers the stimulating opportunity to live, study and carry out research in an inspiring cosmopolitan city that has been characterized by cultural exchange for well over a millennium. Like Venice itself, the university has a markedly international profile: it teaches more than 40 languages and has cultivated an extensive global network of partner institutions that supports and empowers academic activities and research thanks to over 700 international agreements facilitating scholarly collaboration and student mobility.

In the firm belief that universities have a key role to play in tackling the global challenges society faces today – such as climate change, social inequality and the conservation of cultural heritage – Ca’ Foscari facilitates impactful research that seeks solutions to these problems and shapes young minds capable of producing it by providing the kind of interdisciplinary and innovative education this requires. The university ranked third in Italy for the quality of research in 2017, and more than half of its departments have been recognized as exceptional by the Italian Ministry for Education, Universities and Research. Ca’ Foscari has also become a popular institution among Europe’s best emerging researchers, for it ranks among the top ten European universities for the number of prestigious Marie Skłodowska Curie grants it has been awarded.

Due to the university’s commitment to making post-secondary education affordable for all, and thanks to significant subsidies from the Italian government, Ca’ Foscari’s international tuition fees are remarkably low. Undergraduate degrees (duration of 3 years) have fees of around 1,900 euros per year while master’s degrees (duration of 2 years) have fees of around 2,100 euros per year.

Fee waivers and scholarships are available to international students.