Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA)

RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts, is a multidisciplinary, international educational centre – legally recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) – offering authoritative, innovative courses in the field of Art, Design and Communication. RUFA works in collaboration with renowned professionals and prestigious enterprises, guaranteeing its students theoretical preparation par excellence in addition to constantly updated methodological-operational guidance whilst keeping a keen eye on the workplace and current market trends. The Academy is an international cultural hub, where students from all over the world learn the arts in a context of advanced multicultural exchange.

Up to date and stimulating training proposals.

RUFA offers a large set of training proposals which include some of the most exciting and high-demand areas of study. Guided and advised by the Heads of the Department for Visual Art and the Department for Design and Applied Arts /New Technologies for the Arts, students at RUFA can choose their future professional career from among 9 Bachelor of Arts degree programs and 9 Master of Arts degree programmes, some of which are offered in two languages, English and Italian.


Bachelor of Arts degree programs 

  1. Graphic design > Italian teaching
  2. Graphic design – Comics and illustration > Italian teaching
  3. Design > Italian teaching
  4. Design for humans > English teaching
  5. Cinema > Italian teaching
  6. Photography > Italian teaching
  7. Set Design > Italian teaching
  8. Painting > English and Italian teaching
  9. Sculpture > English and Italian teachingMaster of Arts degree programmes
  10. Visual and innovation design > Italian teaching
  11. Computer animation and visual effects > Italian teaching
  12. Multimedia arts and design – Realtà virtuale > Italian teaching
  13. Multimedia arts and design – Digital Humanities > Italian teaching
  14. Film Arts > English teaching
  15. Set Design > Italian teaching
  16. Painting > English teaching
  17. Sculpture > English teaching
  18. Printmaking > English teaching


Custom made method.

The RUFA training approach is based on a distinguished and specialized teaching method, which aims to join university curriculum and professional training.

During their RUFA study years, students can attend laboratories, workshops, experiential lessons, exhibitions, presentations and debates. These are all contemporary and efficient tools that bring students closer to the reality of the professional workforce. To make the most of their studies, RUFA encourages students totake advantage of the available opportunities, to build a solid theoretical and practical foundation. They can then create inspired art that combines interdisciplinary contamination, transversal enrichment, and innovating experimentation.

Because RUFA is contemporary, it aims to teach and train with its heart set on tradition and its mind projected into the future.