L’Università degli studi Link Campus University

Being able to imagine innovation, to nurture it, to channel it into the educational system.
Naturally relying on traditional knowledge, but simultaneously envisaging the future and accepting its challenges.
Targeting innovation precisely represents the mission of Link Campus University, located at Casale San Pio V, a marvelous complex stretching out over 35 thousands square meters of a green lung in the heart of Rome. Casale San Pio V has historically served as the summer residence of Pope Ghislieri who, right from one of its balconies, was gifted with the mystical vision of Lepanto’s victory.

Link Campus aims at raising a new leadership, who proves to be knowledgeable, competent and ready to match the growing demands of the labor market.
It does not happen by coincidence that 90% of the students who earn a bachelor’s or a master’s degree here manage to find a job within a year’s timeframe. Such an achievement stems from the great attention that the University pays to its students, providing them with maximum-30 seats classrooms, with a website viewed by over 50 employers’ associations that screen the students’ multimedia profiles and with a system of tutors who are intended to guide them throughout the whole academic path.

Link Campus offers five degree courses, namely Law, Economics, Digital communication, Dams and International Studies, along with a wide range of both I and II levels master degree courses, including a master in business administration. The latter stands out as one of the most relevant post-graduate programmes for shaping managerial skills worldwide.

The courses are devised having in mind the new professional roles required by the labor market. Out of example, the course in Digital communication trains the so-called game designers who are employable at electronic game companies internationally; the Dams brings up, amongst other figures, the film makers so that they can present their projects to the benefit of a variety of creative sectors, from movie to television industries, to advertisement and multimedia companies; the Master in Luxury and Fashion aims at cranking out profiles of excellence in the management of luxury items and fashion creations; the course in Economics raises professionals who become capable of handling the complex dimension of the sport system.

Link Campus provides an educational path which is made up of both traditional lectures and practice, thanks to an array of different laboratories. The labs teach, for instance, to organize and manage important sport happenings; to investigate at a crime scene; to get an insight into the dimension of crypto-currencies; to interpret the phenomenon of migrations from different angles and with a range of nuances; to assess global changes from various points of view; to acquire a sort of insider’s idea of how the most well-known international financial organizations really function.