The Fair “Studiare in Italia” is supported by educational agency STUDIES&CAREERS.

STUDIES&CAREERS is an international educational agency, one of the largest specialist in the field of Italian undergraduate and postgraduate educatuion and the official representative of European universities in Russia and CIS Countries.

Among constant partners of STUDIES&CAREERS there are many Italian universities offering a wide range of programs: business, management, finance, architecture, engineering, design, fashion, art, tourism, cooking and much more.

STUDIES&CAREERS has been successfully preparing students for 6 years to study abroad, has been helping them to choose university. program and also with admission and visa processes. In addition such matters as accomodation, residence permit, bank account, guardianship and immirgration support are also decided by agency individually for each student.

Study abroad is a very important step in the life and  STUDIES&CAREERS is here to make this desicion easier!