Italian Cultural Institute in Moscow

The Fair is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Moscow.

Currently there are 90 Italian Institutes operating around the world in the most important cities. Italian Cultural Institute helps to have a dialogue between artists and culture, ordinary citizens of both Italians and Russians who seek to establish and maintain contact with Italy.

Italian Institute of Culture is not only a “displaycase” of Italy, a source of relevant information about Italy, but also a center for promoting cultural cooperation initiatives.

Italian Cultural Institutions assist in the work of Embassies and Consulates, and also identify the most effective methods of promoting the image of Italy as a center for the production, storage and dissemination of culture, from the classical era to our days. In addition to organizing cultural events in various fields (art, music, cinema, theater, ballet, dance, design, photography), Italian Cultural Institutes also carry out the following activities:

  • Provide an opportunity for everyone who wants to learn Italian and get to know Italian culture;
  • Create contacts and prerequisites for interaction between Italian operators in the process of exchange and cultural production;
  • Provide information to private and public cultural operators, both Italian and foreign;
  • Support initiatives that promote intercultural dialogue based on the principles of democracy and international solidarity.

The Italian Institute of Culture solves the task of promoting the Italian language and culture in Russia, organizing cultural events for the dissemination of ideas, art and science.
The Italian Institute of Culture offers the Russian public  following services:

  • Italian language courses conducted by qualified Russian and Italian teachers
  • the examination for the certificate of knowledge of Italian as a foreign language (CILS)
  • Activities in various fields of culture
  • the Institute cooperates with various cultural institutions to organize numerous events – exhibitions, theatrical performances, film festivals, concerts, etc.