Deadline for submissions of the documents

Submission of documents to Italian universities is opened throughout the year. Most programs in universities start in September-October or in January of each year. Accordingly, the admission of documents is opened immediately after the start of the next program.

Of course, there are exceptions:

  • Submission to state universitites of higher education takes place no later than July (for those who plan to start training in the fall).
  • Popular destinations or universities have their own deadlines for submitting documents. This applies, for example, to such universities as Politecnico di Milano, Universita Bocconi and others.
  • On creative specialties it is necessary to provide a portfolio in advance or to go to the entrance creative exam.
  • Certain areas have limited time limits for the submission of documents, for example, medicine in state universities.

Official representative of Italian universities on the territory of Russia and the CIS countries – STUDIES & CAREERS – can get detailed individual consultations on the choice of the university and the program, preparation of documents for admission, apostille registration, obtaining a study visa, selection of residence in Italy and other matters.